Tequila As Ambitious As You Are
We were tired of “tequila for her.” So we crafted a tequila like her: bold, complex, and with exceptional taste.

From its crystal clear appearance to its ultra-smooth finish, The Pink Pig will change the way you experience tequila. Sip it, shake it, and share it.
When co-founder Marissa was in preschool, all she wanted was to sit on a pink pig pillow after recess. Every day she’d run into the classroom, only to find someone else had gotten it first. After many teary-eyed nights, Marissa’s mom sat her down for some life-changing advice - advice that would become a battle-cry for every challenge she’d face:

If you want that pig, it’s up to you to make it happen. Leave recess early, be first in line… Set yourself up for success, and then go Get That Pig.

Two decades later, co-founders Marissa and Autumn still cheers “Get That Pig” at every occasion.


As you probably guessed, Cristalino is tequila made entirely from crystals.

Just kidding. But it is just as dazzling.

When premium añejo is filtered through activated charcoal, it creates a fresh tasting aged tequila that’s also crystal clear.

The Pink Pig keeps the vanilla, butterscotch and toffee notes in añejo we adore, while bringing back the herbaceous, tropical zing of a blanco we crave. Made with 100% blue agave and aged in white oak bourbon barrels, our cristalino is exceptionally smooth and sippable. Drink it neat, on the rocks, or let it elevate any cocktail.
From Seed to Sip


Too often, women are faced with social and economic hurdles that keep their dreams out of reach. At The Pink Pig, we want to help lower those barriers, which is why we’re proudly supporting Grameen America. Grameen America is a nonprofit organization that provides microloans, training, and support to low-income women to help them start or expand their small businesses. When you purchase a bottle of The Pink Pig, you help empower these hard-working entrepreneurs. We hope every woman who’s courageous enough to dream big is given the chance to Get That Pig.
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